Billy Weeks

southern based photographer

Dolores, Honduras

Dolores is a small village in the mountains of Honduras where the Lenca Indians live. This collection of images shows the culture and sprit of this area of Central America.

A small child sits in a hammock.

The small mud homes only have light when the door is open. A lady sits on her bed in a small home.

A young boy waits to see a doctor.

Men beat the heat by sitting in a small room during market day.

82 year old Lilly Martinez, holds a grave marker for her husband.

A lady looks out here window.

A field worker carries fire wood on his best horse.

28 year old Celica, who has a brittle bone disease, uses a mirror tied to a stick to see behind her. She lives on the porch of her grandfather’s house.

A man tries to sale beef.

A man tries to sale beef.

A man uses a shaver to cut his hair.

A field worker eats at a street market.

Lunch provided by a women who sale their food to field workers at a street market.


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