Billy Weeks

southern based photographer
Big Hats at St. Jude’s Rodeo c

Big Hats at St. Jude’s Rodeo

The Rodeo at Yates Farms in Ringgold, GA has been names rodeo of the year 7 times. The event had about 30,000 spectators and 300 individuals competing in the three day event. It is one of the largest open air areas rodeos in the south. This collection of images is not just about the competition. It is more about the people around the event. Before each rodeo cowboys prepare for their event and in many cases they put themselves in harms way. It takes a lot of skill to ride a bull or race around barrels. It also takes a special person to understand the need of children at St Jude’s.


Bare back rider comes out of the gate.

The Georgia High school Rodeo Queen before the event.


Gathering the horses.


Gathering the Horse


Two cowboys shield the sun from a 6mo old girl’s eyes who is at her second rodeo.


Touching the horns of a steer before the rodeo.


Under the hoof.


Prayer before the nights ride.


You have to wear the hat the right way. A dad fits his son with a cowboy hat that fell off during the opening ride.


Cattle dog with boots.


Cowboys and a camel. The camel was used as a fund raiser and many young cowboys with hats rode the hump.


The wait. Listening to an iPod helps prepare for the nights event.