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Central America 2013

Central America 2013: These images of daily life in Nicaragua and Honduras represent a simpler life. Central America is poor by USA standards. So poor that most families live on less than $2 US dollars a day. This area was torn apart by several wars during the late 1970′s and 80′s which can still be seen today.

A Grandfather’s touch in Guasuyuca, Nicaragua.


Inside a kitchen in Guasuyuca, Nicaragua.


A Honduras veteran of the Central American wars sits at his home in Guinope and holds a photograph of himself. The photo shows a gun in his belt that he used in battle.


Holding on to a donkey a young boy travels to an animal clinic near Las Crucitas, Honduras.


Waun is a farmer sitting in his home who lives in the Mountains near Guasuyuca, Nicaragua.


A moment of prayer at a church in Susucayan, Nicaragua.


Sitting on her bed a lady feel the light coming from a window of her home made of block and mud in Guaimaca, Honduras.


A boy baths in muddy water in Guaimaca, Honduras.


Dogs are often taken care of by the community. This man and dog rest in the mountains near Susucayan, Nicaragua.


A farmer works on weeding out unwanted plants in a field of beans near Las Crucitas, Honduras.


A mother and child wait in line for medical care provided by BMDMI in Susucayan, Nicaragua.


A 55 year old lady sits on her porch near Las Crucitas, Honduras.


A dog is held by a young boy after recieving medical car near Las Crucitas, Honduras.


The owner of a pool hall stands in his garden in Las Crucitas, Honduras.


Girl in her hammock near Las Crucitas, Honduras.


Playing football in Granada, Nicaragua


Field Baseball in near Guasuyuca, Nicaragua.

Field Baseball in near Guasuyuca, Nicaragua.


The parade queen near Guasuyuca, Nicaragua.

The parade queen near Guasuyuca, Nicaragua.




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