Billy Weeks

southern based photographer

Central America: Honduras

Rural areas in Central America resemble the living conditions of the early 1900’s in the United States. Many families live without clean water or any type of power. Poor roads makes travel difficult with most families using animals for transportation and the food supply is mostly grown or raised on small family farms.

The idea for the project is simple. It focuses on the people and their environment. The images reflect the living conditions and the struggles of everyday life. In much of the way that Edward Curtis photographed the American Indian this project focuses on quieter moments. It is not a document of war or a reflection of death. It is a testament to the strength and willingness of people, family, and faith of Central America.DSC_5906cP1010131caBEW_9216cHonduraszsoccer hill t14xzAtlanta pJCA3432 14xSan Matias HomezDSC_6191cbw14xczDSC_0123 14xz001CA173 14xzchildren church bikes14xzWEW_2871bw 14xzweeks CA 074974bwzDSC_0070bw 14x

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